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Raphael’s natural lip oil has been crafted with the finest ingredients nature has to offer. A harmonious blend of pure indulgence and skincare expertise.


The infusion of Gold of Pleasure, renowned for its moisturising properties, imparts an unparalleled softness to your lips, leaving them velvety-smooth and irresistibly supple.


Imagine the sensation of liquid gold gently gliding over your lips, caressing them with the nourishing touch of nature. As you apply this exquisite lip oil, the delicate yet invigorating scent lingers, enhancing your senses and adding a touch of luxury to your everyday routine.


Offering more than just a hint of glamour, it is deeply hydrating, moisturising, and ultra nourishing. A subtle hue enhances the natural beauty of your lips, making them look effortlessly radiant and healthy.


A holistic lip care experience and a tribute to the timeless beauty of nature.

Crimson Valor Natural Lip Oil

  • Crimson Valor Lip Oil embodies the essence of sophistication and natural allure. Enriched with a blend of nourishing oils, this exquisite lip treatment pampers your lips with essential hydration, leaving them irresistibly soft and supple. The sheer crimson hue adds a touch of mystery and elegance, effortlessly enhancing your natural beauty. With its lightweight and non-sticky formula, this lip oil glides on smoothly, creating a luscious, moisturising finish.


    Naturally Black Cherry Scented

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